Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cushie Tushies!

After much anticipation and excitement, mailbox watching and such... my cloth diapers have arrived! I love them! And I already have a funny story... I put one on Jack yesterday afternoon (after much protest from him since the diaper was GREEN and didn't have ELMO on it *gasp*!!) and he wore it for awhile. Well, he comes to me in the kitchen and says "Change diaper" . I say "OK" and proceed to head to Jack's room. Well, Jack takes his diaper off, right in the kitchen, turns to go to his room, and a big ol' piece of poop falls on the floor! ACK! I then took him to the bathroom and put him on the potty, let him finish up, clean him up and then re-diaper him, all while cleaning up the poop on the floor of the kitchen. Silly boy. He wanted that poopy diaper off RIGHT THEN! Anyway... here are some pics of the kiddos in their bumGenius 3.0s.
Silly boy.Caroline and her bumGenius! (and her paci that she finds and puts in all by herself!)

Just some pics...

Mmmm... teething ring...
Trying so hard to crawl!
That was exhausting!Jack, watching elephants at the zoo.About to have her first taste of rice cereal!Before...... after!Please don't do that again, mom!We were taking pics of Caroline eating so Jack wanted in on the action.
See what I have... circle!Jack, getting in on the picture action again!This time we tried oatmeal. It was a bit better received.
Sweet potatoes...
... make me smile!
Toes are my favorite toys!