Monday, June 28, 2010

From left field

I know this post is random and not about my kids or family but it's really, really important. My sweet friend and former co-worker, Terri, lost her husband earlier this month. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram did a great article on her family and their decision to donate Roger's organs. Give it a read. Give it some prayer. Consider becoming a registered donor. I did.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The kids are recovering from a nasty stomach bug that took over our house last night. Yuck. Happy birthday to me... not how I expected to spend my 30th.

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School's out!

I popped in for Jack's end of school party on his last day of the year. Jack made such sweet friends this year and his teachers, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Irons were wonderful! I'm sad I didn't get a picture of him with his teachers but he wasn't having any of that. We headed into Summer thinking things would slow down but now that it's arrived we're busier than ever!
Happy boy! Eating a cookie he just decorated...
Duck... duck... GOOSE!Ring around the rosy!

Splish Splash!

More water fun! Yay!
A genuine smile from Jack - difficult to capture on camera!Sibling love - also difficult to capture on camera!They needed a drink...Jack's losing his britches.Teaching sister how to hop on one foot... or trying anyway.SweetPure joy! Dancing in the water. They LOVE it!

Happy 31st Birthday Jason!

Party #1 at Gigi and Pappaw's house...
Jack and Jason, showing off their milk mustaches
Caroline, looking her Honey and waiting on cakeJack loves the Happy Birthday song1... 2... 3... BLOW!

Mini-Party #2 at our house, on Jason's actual birthday...
Caroline's ready for cake!Lemon cake... yum!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Water Babies

I bought this at Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago and the kids LOVE it. We took it on a recent trip to Gigi and Pappaw's house and Jack and Caroline had a blast. The grown-ups had nearly as much fun just watching the kids play. Totally worth the ten bucks, even if Jack already busted it.

Artistic Expression

After Dinner Treat

The Courseys (sans Terry who was away on business in Florida, poor guy) came over for playtime, dinner, and dessert one evening. While Erin and I cleaned up the kitchen(gabbed) Jason watched the kids and took some fun shots of everyone having dessert.

Jack, before his friends arrived. He wanted to play with his trucks outside on the picnic blanket. He was out there forever!These kids are serious about ice cream.Always the fashionistaMatthan on a missionNot sure what's going on here but I think Matthan would've preferred some ice cream to the beaded necklace Selah was wearing. Just sayin'.

MIA in May!

I seem to have a pattern. I blog a lot during tax season. Reason being, it's one of the ways that Jason gets a look at what's going on here on the home-front while he's in the trenches of filing tax returns and whatnot at work. Then, when tax season ends, I seem to take an unintended sabbatical from blogging. I don't PLAN to neglect my blog. Really. I'm just so darn happy to have my husband more available and my family back together. We're much too busy spending time together and doing things that I just don't really think about my blog.

This is usually the part where I'd apologize for being a "bad blogger" and promise to do better. Well, not this time! We had a GREAT May and I didn't write a single post. And I'm not really sorry about it.

Stay tuned as I attempt to catch the world up on the goings-on here at the Maurice house!