Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I love them so much.And... what a view. ;)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Family Photos 2010

Typical. I love it!
My Sweet Boy!Miss Caroline and her HoneyPretty good, though the kids are looking off somehwereMy personal favorite

Way behind blogger

I completely zoomed over some important days and fun events. Whoops.

Let's play catch-up, shall we?

Jack, at the four-year-old classes' Pow Wow. His Native American name is Brown Buffalo. Isn't he adorable?!Jack and his teacher, Mrs. Harper. I love how he's so nonchalantly resting his arm on her leg. He LOVES her! The kids decided to "clean" the sink for me one morning. They really, really enjoy this. If you can't tell, Caroline is wearing a cape. She was pausing for a photo before zooming off. Super Caroline, too the rescue!Emmy had her White Coat Ceremony at UNTSHC. She's working on her DPT (that's Physical Therapy, folks). This was a special day that we didn't catch many photos of. I love how I brought bags of coloring books and crayons and both kids ended up playing on the iPhones. Typical.
Jack's good buddy, Drew, turned four and had a train-themed birthday party. So fun! There was even a ride on train that took the kids around the neighborhood. Jack had so much fun at the party, in fact, that we had to drag him kicking and screaming to the car when the night was over. Not my most favorite parenting moment. Whew.

Just look at those baby blues. Love this guy!Drew, Jack, and Hayden. Sweet friends.Caroline opted out of the hat. She couldn't wear the hat and bow at the same time. Fashion over function for my girl. Takes after her mama.Thanksgiving was at Jason's parents. We had a blast just eating and enjoying one another's company all day long!

Jackie with his plate. He probably ate his weight in macaroni and cheese in on Thanksgiving and in the days that followed.Caroline, digging in. She's not shy when it comes to food. I think she just about cleared her plate and then some. I'm not sure where she puts it all since she's not bigger than a minute.Time for CHOCOLATE PIE! Yum!Me and my Mama, working hard in the kitchen. Mmm hmm.Love you Mom!
The kids were a little confused about what we were celebrating. Gigi's house was all decked out for Christmas. Jack even asked if we could open presents!
Emmy's helping Jack get all bundled up to go see the Christmas lights outside at Gigi's.I LOVE this picture of Sweet Caroline! Cutest. Girl. Ever.
I know it's blurry but I like it. It was C-c-c-cold!
The Thompson's came over the day after Thanksgiving and we put them to work in the yard. Well, Carey raked up a massive pile of leaves for a photo op.