Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looky, looky...

what came in the mail today!
Notice the three beautiful words below Jason's name... CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT! The testing has been done for months and now all the requirements are met, fees are paid and we now have the license. It's official, Jason's a CPA! Wahoo! Praise God!

You cannot begin to understand how proud I am of you. Everything you've done has been for your family and to glorify the Lord. I couldn't ask for a more hardworking and loving husband. Thanks for everything you do! CONGRATULATIONS! I love you!

Mommy's helper

Caroline decided to help me organize the office this morning. Gee, thanks Baby Girl.

A rare sight...

Jack decided several months ago that he didn't like to wear hats. He hasn't put one on his head willingly in I don't know how long. Well, Pappaw came over the other day and had on a hat. That was all it took for Jack to be okay with wearing his engineer's cap - if only for a moment!

Pretty in Pink

Monday, February 16, 2009

Apples to Apples

Pattie sent me a couple of photos of Jason's sister, Caroline's Aunt Emmy. It's bizarre for me to see MY family members looking like one another because I never experienced that, being adopted and all. Its really neat to see the resemblance! They're for sure related.
Emmy...and Caroline.Again, Emmy...and Caroline.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Keep on praying!

Your prayers are working! Ross was removed from the ventilator yesterday and is improving! According to his nurse, he had a good night last night and his cough is better. They are addressing the breathing issues first before they move on to his leg. Keep it up prayer warriors. God is good!

UPDATE: Ross is out of ICU and in a "regular" room. It looks like he will be able to go home in several days, WITH both legs! The doctor said they'd reevaluate the leg/stent situation in several weeks and determine what to do then. Please continue to pray for his recovery. God is good!

UPDATE: Ross is HOME! He's been home for several days now. I don't have many details other than he's being watched by his doctors and will go in a couple of weeks to see the doctor about his leg. I guess he's doing well if they sent him home. Praise God!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Prayers for Uncle Ross

Jason's Uncle Ross is in the hospital. I just spoke with Jason' s mom and things aren't looking good. He has a severe case of pneumonia. So much so that he's been placed on a ventilator and is sedated to keep him from removing his breathing tube. The doctor is also quite concerned about his leg. Ross went to the hospital this morning because when he woke up his leg was blue and he could barely use it. He has such poor circulation in that leg that it's not getting adequate blood flow and the tissues are dying. It appears that they will have to amputate - the doctor says there's not much surgically they can do to fix it otherwise.

Please pray for Ross' recovery. Pray for Jason's family (especially his grandmother, Honey and his mom, Pattie) as they are having to make some difficult decisions and seeing Ross struggle so. Pray for the doctors, that they will have the wisdom and skill to treat Ross appropriately and successfully. And most of all, pray for the will of the Lord to be done in this situation.

We truly appreciate your prayers, dear friends. We know He is the Great Physician and can heal Ross, in this life and the next.


Morning Story Time

Jack decided it was a wonderful morning for crawling back into bed with his favorite (and my LEAST favorite) book - My Very First Winnie the Pooh. He enjoyed his book while Caroline ransacked the bookshelf. Then he announced "That was a GREAT story!" and tossed the book to the floor. That's my kiddo!
Reading, all tucked in.
Drippy-nose Maurice, herselfThe room - notice the book flying off the bed!

Flower Child