Thursday, August 27, 2009

School's in session!

Jack headed back to school this morning. To say he was excited would be a huge understatement. We spent the day yesterday getting ready... washing his napmat, picking out a blanket and stuffed animal to take for rest time, picking out clothes, deciding what to have for lunch, packing the backpack. Jackie woke up extra early this morning and couldn't wait to get out the door to see his new class and teachers again (he got a sneak peek on Tuesday morning at meet the teacher). He was happy as a lark walking through the building this morning, pretending to be a "diesel electric locomotive engine" most of the time. When we got to class he walked right in (skirting the screaming child standing in the doorway) and headed off to play without looking back. I can't wait to pick him up this afternoon and hear what his day held for him.

Wakey, wakey...

sleepy baby! Here's my Sweet Caroline, fresh from a nap. YAWN!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another transformation...

Well, after doing Jack's room last weekend I've definitely been bitten by the decorating bug. I decided last night was the time to paint an accent wall in our bedroom. The color is called Lost Atlantis and I LOVE IT! I'll be painting our bathroom the same color this evening. I'm leaving the rest of the walls in the bedroom tan (harvest brown, actually) and my mom is going to make me some window treatments. I'm thinking something in the chocolate brown range, probably a Roman shade since we need something pretty but functional - our room gets so bright in the mornings because it faces East. I've got a few great photos to hang and need to head to Hobby Lobby to pick just the right frames. I may even grab a couple of stretched canvases and let the kids go to work to get some fine art up on the walls. Should be fun! Now, if I could only tackle this mess of an office...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Movin' on up...

Jack's room is officially converted to a "big boy" room. Jack loves, LOVES trains so he wanted a "new, big train bed". I searched and searched and finally found some bedding that wouldn't break the bank on Ebay. Yay Ebay! I picked a shade of red and a shade of blue that I'd like for the walls and let Jack pick one. He was so excited he got to make the decision and he chose blue. Jason and I spent this past Friday painting while my mom entertained the kids (after she brought us the bed - Thanks Yaya for the free bed!). We had everything set up by bedtime on Friday night and Jack was so, so excited! He and Caroline spend about half the day in there now reading books on the bed and playing legos on the floor. It turned out so cute! I have just a few more things to find and acquire for it to be completely finished but I love the way it looks!

view from the doorthe beddingthe bednext to the closetJack, after his first night in his "new" room.

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah!

Teapot cake! Yum!
Bre's serious about cake.
Presents! Sweet birthday girl!

Colorado Trip 2009

Jason and I headed to Colorado for a little getaway and to attend the wedding of some friends, Corey and Katie Lemons. We drove and really enjoyed our road trip together, just the two of us. We spent our first night in Colorado Springs and visited the Air Force Academy the next day. It was fun but we were FREEZING. The high that day was 56 degrees! What a change from the 106 that we left in Texas. Thankfully, we'd check the forecast ahead of time and were prepared. We then headed to Littleton to meet up with the Thompson/Lemons family and then drove to Evergreen for the rehearsal. We enjoyed a nice pizza dinner and late night bowling and then went back to the hotel to hit the sack. We were worn out! The next day we took a little trip to Central City, which was kind of sad. It's a cute mountain town that's been completely taken over by casinos and bars. We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the wedding and then headed back to Evergreen that evening for the big event. The wedding was beautiful (once the rain stopped) and we had a great time. We left Colorado on Saturday morning but stopped off in Manitou Springs on the way home. Our trip there took a little longer than anticipated and we were a couple of hours behind schedule. We decided to stop over in Amarillo for the night so we could be a little more rested. We had dinner and went to see the new Harry Potter movie and then went back to the hotel for some snoozing. We were off early the next morning and were so happy to be home when our kids woke up from their afternoon naps. It was an interesting trip and we learned alot about travelling together. Fun times!

The view of Pike's Peak on our second day there. It was so rainy and cold!
Me and the Air Force Academy parking lot. Nice.View of the Air Force Academy Chapel coming up the trail.Gorgeous. Truly an amazing piece of architecture.The ceiling of the chapel's top floor.The cross above the altar in the Protestant portion of the chapel, located on the top floor.The amazing pipe organ in the Protestant chapel.The outside, bottom floor.The altar of the Catholic chapel, on the bottom floor.An amazing mosaic in the Catholic chapel.The synagogue.The buddhist meditation area.John and Patsy Lemons, dad and mom of the groom. I love this picture of them. What a legacy they're leaving their kiddos.Nice, Carey.Me and the lovely view at The Evergreen Lakehouse.And Jason.And some geese. An interesting character in Center City, COThe Thompsons on Lookout Mountain. I was up the hill on a rock feeling a little green from all the winding mountain roads.Victoria, conked out.Kim and Victoria at the weddding.Sweetest little flower girl!Me and Jas, all dressed up and FREEZING. Being silly. I'd marry this guy all over again!


Jack and Selah were supposed to be watching The Jungle Book in our bed while we tried to have a discussion about our small group with the Courseys. Nice "we're not up to anything" looks on their faces, huh? You can imagine how quiet they were and how successful our discussion was. Silly kids.

June Randomness

My sweet girl. She loves her bunny and blankie.
Hugs for Bunny!Story time.
Bathing beauty!
This pool needs more water!
My dipes hanging on the line that I installed myself. I love this.

Jason is 30!

So this post is long overdue... We had a great time celebrating Jason's thirtieth birthday at his parents house. Yummy food, a homemade carrot cake (courtesy of yours truly) and our fabulous family. Happy belated birthday my love.

30 reasons I love you...

1. You love Jesus with all your heart.
2. You're such a great dad.
3. You're the practical one. I need someone to balance me out.
4. You're such a hard worker. You do everything you can to keep our family secure and keep me home with the kids.
5. You didn't flinch at the mention of cloth diapering.
6. You are supportive in just about every venture I'd like to take... teaching, natural childbirth, doula-ing, and some more unsuccessful ones I don't care to mention.
7. You help keep me accountable for everything... my prayer life, working out, eating right (usually), finances. You're great at keeping things in check. You should be, that's what the letters behind your name are for, right?
8. We've been through thick and thin together and come out the other side stronger and better for having struggled.
9. You're by my side for every life change and will be always. I know I can count on that.
10. You've made your share of mistakes and aren't afraid to own up to them. You see God's plan in your life through the trials.
11. I love your brown eyes and the way the corners are just beginning to crinkle when you smile. You're aging well my dear. You get better every day.
12. I love that Caroline has been blessed with the very same beautiful brown eyes.
13. You can mow a mean lawn in no time. Nice when I'm cooped up in the house while you do it.
14. Even though it takes some time to get projects around the house completed, when they're done they're great. I love that you take pride in our home.
15. You have a thirst for the Word and love to learn about the Bible.
16. You love your parents and sister so, so much.
17. You love ice cream just as much as I do. That's saying a lot.
18. You have a servant's heart. You love to do things for others.
19. You have great taste in music.
20. You give the best backrubs.
21. You're completely pro-breastfeeding, pro-babywearing, pro-natural childbirthing, pro-attachment parenting. We're totally on the same wavelength when it comes to child rearing and I love that you have no problem talking to other dads about a lot of these things (when the time is right, not just in normal everyday conversation). See #2.
23. I love how you sign your letters and cards and little notes that you write to me. Truly attuned to Song of Songs.
24. You say whatever comes to mind. It's pretty hilarious sometimes. You don't have too much of a filter which can be very good or very bad. But usually is just funny.
25. You're a great cook. I need some Steak Au Poivre.
26. You're the master dishwasher loader around here. It's like a puzzle and you somehow make everything fit. Amazing.
27. You're great at your job.
28. You look great in a suit. I get to see you in one nearly every day. You also look great in khaki shorts and flip-flops. Let's just say I like the way you look. ;)
29. Our kids love, love, love you. Jack imitates you all the time and Caroline asks about you all day long. Precious.
30. You love me. How'd I get so lucky?!