Monday, August 17, 2009

Movin' on up...

Jack's room is officially converted to a "big boy" room. Jack loves, LOVES trains so he wanted a "new, big train bed". I searched and searched and finally found some bedding that wouldn't break the bank on Ebay. Yay Ebay! I picked a shade of red and a shade of blue that I'd like for the walls and let Jack pick one. He was so excited he got to make the decision and he chose blue. Jason and I spent this past Friday painting while my mom entertained the kids (after she brought us the bed - Thanks Yaya for the free bed!). We had everything set up by bedtime on Friday night and Jack was so, so excited! He and Caroline spend about half the day in there now reading books on the bed and playing legos on the floor. It turned out so cute! I have just a few more things to find and acquire for it to be completely finished but I love the way it looks!

view from the doorthe beddingthe bednext to the closetJack, after his first night in his "new" room.

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