Friday, July 20, 2012

A post in which I make no apologies...

...and photobomb you!
Life is busy. What else can I say. Did y'all know since I last blogged my five-year-old became a six-year-old, we survived our sixth tax season and our first as a family of five, my kindergartner became a first-grader, Caroline finished her second year of preschool, we took a mini-vacay to Houston to visit our besties, we went to the beach, my newborn became a six-month-old, that very same baby started CRAWLING and has had her first taste of food other than mama's milk, the big kids completed two weeks of swim lessons and are prepping for Camp Thurman next week?! So, no apologies. We've been busy living life and I just haven't blogged it.

Jack's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year!
 Emmalyn and Cousin Bennett!
Easter egg hunting in the house on a rainy Sunday!
  Our family of five!
Me and E at a super fun birthday party!
 Jason loving on a llama!
 Caroline LOVES God's creatures!
 Jack and me at the Highlander Games, his school's version of field day for the younger grades.
 All three precious ones!
 Picnic time!
 Enjoying dinner in the backyard.
 Emmalyn's room, which I just realized I've never shown.  Jason refinished the crib and it's beautiful!
 Dresser/changing area.  Those frames on the bottom are STILL empty!
 Our precious baby is a thumbsucker!
Sweet girl with Yaya!
 Making Mothers Day gifts
Jack and me on Hill's Kindergarten field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.  So fun!
 This is how you do a field trip with a four month old!
 YAY!  Happy Tax Deadline Day!

 My big boy reading a book.  He LOVES to read and is so, SO smart!
 Four months old!

The chronological order of the previous pictures is questionable and I have WAY more pictures to share and no time... more coming soon!