Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A bit of mischief...

We should've known. The house was soooo quiet. Sneaky little bugger.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer fun!

Things have been very busy around here! I'm finally starting to get a bit of my energy back and am able to keep up with the housework for a change. Jack has become a little toddler tornado in the past couple of weeks and just goes and goes and goes. He practically runs everywhere! Just a couple of days ago Jason and I watched him run, full-speed and head-first, into one of the end tables in the living room. He cried for just a second or two and then was off running again!

We've been spending lots of time going for walks (in the morning to avoid the heat) swinging on the swingset, running in the yard, and playing with Jack's newest toy - a sand and water table, courtsey of Yaya (thanks Mom!). Jack just loves to splash in the water and dump it all down the front of his shirt. He also likes to destroy anything that happens to look like a sandcastle. Saturday he even had his first taste of sand... and he went back for more! Blech!

Here are some photos from the past week or so. Enjoy!
Jack, showing a box who's boss.
Watermelon is goooood. Mmmm...
Playing in the sand.
Running in the yard with his new shovel!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby #2 - 11 weeks!

Well, according to my due date I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. Wow! That time FLEW by! I had an appointment this morning with one of my midwives - Lindsay. (I actually switched practices and am now seeing some midwives that deliver at Baylor Dallas. (I "heart" them!) Lindsay said everything looks great and based on my physical exam (fun) that I appear to be closer to 12 weeks than 11 but we'll stick with my original January 3rd due date for now. We heard the heartbeat and it was beautiful! The little Bean was pumping in the 160's and appears to be doing great. I have another appointment on July 11 and should have a sonogram sometime around mid-August.

As for me, I'm definitely starting to feel better. My morning sickness has pretty much subsided except when I brush my teeth - why that makes me gag I don't know. I'm still pretty tired but Jackster has been sleeping great lately so that really helps. My aversion for all things dairy has passed thankfully. I was missing my ice cream! Mmmmmm.... ice cream....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome Avea Jubilee!

Congratulations to the Dearing family on adding a new little girl. Camron and David welcomed Avea Jubilee on Saturday, June 9 at 1:38 pm. She was 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 inches long. Camron delivered her naturally like a champ. I was privileged enough to witness the birth of little Avea and it was one of the most amazing miracles I've ever seen. Way to go Cam! Jack's good buddy, Jude, is officially part of the Big Brother Club!

Friday, June 08, 2007

14 Months Old!

Well, Little Man is 14 months old today. I haven't been too active with my posts lately due to the fact that I can barely make it off the couch and Jack's been very needy lately. Poor guy is cutting his 1-year molars right now and is having a terrible time of it. It seems like the worst of it is over but the past week he's been miserable. He had a high fever for a few days and has definitely been losing sleep because of the pain(we all have). Jack's been on a constant regimen of motrin, orajel, and teething tablets just to get some relief and he's taken to grabbing me and screaming in my ear just to be sure I know it hurts. The past couple of nights he's slept all the way through til at least 6 so hopefully things are looking up.

The past couple of weeks Jack's become increasingly busy. He rarely sits still and is just into everything. He loves to explore the house and play outside in the yard. Yaya taught him how to drum on things with wooden spoons so that's become one of his favorite activities of late. Too bad he tried to drum on Daddy's face a couple of days ago - Dad was none too happy about that. Jack's 14-month-day was spent playing and running errands. He gifted me with something I haven't had the pleasure of in a loooong time - a 2-hour nap!! Needless to say, I took full advantage and had myself a little siesta along with him (definitely needed while I'm building Bean #2).

Jack, you are such a joy and I just love being your mom. Everyday is a new adventure with you and I love seeing your eyes light up when you learn or accomplish something new. I love to hear your sweet voice and can't wait to be able to understand what all those little babbles mean. I can't believe what a big boy you're becoming and I know you'll make a wonderful big brother. I love you so much Big Guy! Love, Mama