Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boo at the Zoo!

Our kids were graced with a late bedtime on Thursday so we could enjoy the animals (and candy) at Boo at the Zoo in Fort Worth. We packed sandwiches and snacks and the kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals at a time of day they aren't used to being at the zoo. There were trick or treat stations and lights and decorations everywhere. So fun! I'm sure we'll make this a yearly tradition. It was a hit!
Loaded up and ready to go! The train engineer, butterfly (sans wings - they wouldn't fit in the stroller) and me, as myself ;)
Jack and the elephantsAnd me, again, with the kids on the carouselSleepyjoyShe was having fun... promise!A tired little engineer at the end of the night

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Phone photos

I've got lots if fun pics on my phone that are worth posting here. They're all from the past few months.
Jack, on the TRE
Froyo at Pure Bliss... blissful!
She really has a sense of style, no? Nightgown, tutu, skirt. Perfect
Flowery dress and a witch's hat. Another knockout outfit!
Sicky Caroline in the ER with croup. Not a fun way to spend a Saturday night.
And a couple of days later feeling much better. She LOVES coloring outside!
Jackie in the outdoors.
Sure Mom. Whatever.
And now Jack's sick in this one. Poor guy, look at his eyes!
Swingin'! I love this park!
Had to wear the tutu to Chik-fil-a~!
Passed out after the car ride home!
Rainy days call for carousel rides at the mall. They had a blast!
This is what you call "ice cream drunk". She was a happy girl. We can't drive past Braum's without her yelling "ICE CREAM" now. Silly girl!
They love the swings. They could be out there all day long.
So happy!
"Let's get this one, Mom!" He really meant it too.

-- Posted from my iPhone

Erin's Terrible, Horrible...

no good, very bad day! Wow. My best friend Erin had a doozie of a day on Friday and since I was involved I thought I'd share the story. It's worth sharing for sure!

Erin's husband, Terry (Jason's BFF, if guys have BFFs) left early Friday morning on his second trip to China. That already made the day difficult. I know it's no fun seeing your husband off for an extended period of time and knowing you'll be a "single" parent to your two kids for 2 1/2 weeks. It's daunting, I'm sure. Well, Erin decided to head to Oklahoma (where her family is) for about half the time Terry would be gone. She headed home from the airport, loaded up her car to the gills with everything she'd need for herself, two kids and two dogs for nine days and headed to Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, in Maurice-world, my mom and I, along with Caroline were heading to Fort Worth to do some shopping at the Christmas in Cowtown show. I'm about half-way there when I get a call from Erin... who is sobbing on the other line. "Kippy, I'm north of Fort Worth and I had a blow out. I'm stuck on the side of the highway and don't know what to do!" Scary. I immediately called Jason and had him take Jack in his car and head Erin's way. Thank the Lord he was off on Friday! I steered my car northward and we went to rescue Erin.

When we got there we found her on the side of I-35 just out of the heavy traffic. She'd called the police but they hadn't arrived yet so we didn't feel safe moving her kids and dogs to my car till we had police help. As soon as the officers showed up we moved Matthan (9 months) and Selah (3 years) and the dogs to my car. Again, good thing Jack wasn't with me because Selah just hopped in his seat instead of having to remove and re-install her carseat in my car. Mom and I then left Erin with her car to deal with the cops and the tire and wait on Jason to find her. Thankfully, we were right by Cabela's so we took the kids there to kill time till we knew what would happen next. Jason arrived on the scene and sent Erin in his car (with Jack) to meet up with me and mom at Cabela's and he stayed while the police changed the tire and then he came to meet up with the rest of our crew.

We decided to let the kids look around the store and the we all had lunch. After lunch we let the kiddos run off some energy and look at the animals before we took everyone for potty breaks and diaper changes. Finally, it was time to load up and head home. We got all the kids strapped in to their carseats (Caroline, Matthan, and Selah in my car and Jack in Jason's car) and were about to head back to Erin's when she reaches for her keys in her purse and... they aren't there. Seriously. So, we retrace our steps and look for the keys for roughly an hour while the kids wait in the cars (mom and I stayed with them the entire time). The keys are nowhere to be found. We'll have to leave Erin's car there, drive to our house and the spare key for their house, drive to their house and then drive back to Cabela's to get Erin's car. Wonderful. We all head south.

Jason and my mom took my car to our house to drop off mom and Caroline and get the Coursey's key. Erin and I head to her house with Jack to wait on Jason. We're in the car and I get a call from Jason. "We have the keys." WHAT???!!! My mom had them in her pocket! Oh no! Poor thing, she felt so bad. Apparently, Erin took them out of the cup holder on the stroller after lunch and set them on the table. My mom picked them up and put them in her pocket and completely forgot about them and didn't notice them till she was at my house. Crazy! We were so glad to have found them though!

Jason and I had plans to head to the Thompson's that evening for dinner. Jack and Caroline LOVE their kids and were so looking forward to our visit. Not wanting to miss out on that, we decided to load up our kids and Erin and head to Cabela's to get Erin's car (With everything from her clothes, to her computer, to Matthan's diapers in it. We HAD to get it that day.) and then we'd make the quick trip from there to Saginaw to Kim and Carey's house.

The traffic was terrible. It took us quite a while to reach Erin's car but we finally made it and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We drop Erin off and get ready to head out. Till she looks at her spare... and it's FLAT. Flat, flat. Super. Jason and I get out and check it out and he decides we can probably take it to a gas station and air it up and she'd be fine to drive it home. Off we go again. We get to the gas station/truck stop and, of course, their air pump is broken. Thankfully, the one on the truck side is open so we head over there. There we were, in a canyon of huge trucks and here comes Jason in Erin's little Honda. We pulled up behind him in the Expedition and were still dwarfed by all the huge trucks around us. And then, right by us, pulls up a HUGE truck with an open trailer on the back filled with, what else, TIRES! Erin and I laughed forever at the irony of the situation. So much that I was crying from laughing. Best part of the day.

Well, once Jason got the tire aired up he still didn't trust it and he wasn't about to send his best friend's wife home not knowing if she'd make it okay. We had to cancel our plans and we all drove back to Erin's house, ready for the day to be DONE. Poor Jack, as soon as he realized we weren't going to Riley's house he launched into hysterics and he cried the whole way home. Seriously, the WHOLE WAY. For an hour and a half. So sad.

We finally made it back to Erin's house (where my mom was with Selah and Matthan) and were able to feed, bathe, and jammie four exhausted kids and then we took our two home where we all crashed. Hard.

What. A. Day. WHEW!