Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Phone photos

I've got lots if fun pics on my phone that are worth posting here. They're all from the past few months.
Jack, on the TRE
Froyo at Pure Bliss... blissful!
She really has a sense of style, no? Nightgown, tutu, skirt. Perfect
Flowery dress and a witch's hat. Another knockout outfit!
Sicky Caroline in the ER with croup. Not a fun way to spend a Saturday night.
And a couple of days later feeling much better. She LOVES coloring outside!
Jackie in the outdoors.
Sure Mom. Whatever.
And now Jack's sick in this one. Poor guy, look at his eyes!
Swingin'! I love this park!
Had to wear the tutu to Chik-fil-a~!
Passed out after the car ride home!
Rainy days call for carousel rides at the mall. They had a blast!
This is what you call "ice cream drunk". She was a happy girl. We can't drive past Braum's without her yelling "ICE CREAM" now. Silly girl!
They love the swings. They could be out there all day long.
So happy!
"Let's get this one, Mom!" He really meant it too.

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Corin said...

Aaaaw croup is NO FUN! I had it as a child and Levi is really prone to it too. And the crazy, ballerina/night-gown outfits....exactly what I see running around my house everyday! Gotta love kiddies!