Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or treat! Just a bit early...

On Saturday, our small group from church took our kiddos trick-or-treating at an assisted living facility nearby. The residents really seemed happy to see the little ones running around and the kids did pretty well in their trick-or-treat trial run. Jack carried around a Kit Kat bar in his hand for about 40 minutes - that wasn't edible for sure. Stay tuned for more pics from the big event - Festival 31 - tonight!
Me and my little zebra!Thanks for the candy, nice lady!Jack and his buddy Drew, big brothers in the making! It was HOT in that place!

The Pumpkin Patch

On Friday we took Jack to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out his pumpkin and because it's a required photo op for all parents. Within seconds of arriving he found THE PUMPKIN he wanted and could not be separated from it for the rest of the visit. In fact, he was so enamored by this perfect pumpkin that he couldn't be bothered by much else. He quickly grew frustrated because, after all, climbing over rather large orange objects is difficult when you're clinging for dear life to a pint-sized gourd. And forget posed pictures. They're just futile attempts by the parental units to extract said pumpkin from the Little Guy's grip.
Lemme at 'em!Ahh yes, this is THE ONE.He's stuck but he's not letting go of that darn pumpkin! Stinker.

Jack's first haircut!

Well, Munchkin's hair was just about covering his ears and was looking a bit shaggy in the back so we decided that the time had come for his first haircut. Jack's not too big on strangers touching his head and neck - he hates having his head measured at the doctor's office - so we were a bit worried about how he would react. Guess what... after just a minute or two of being upset and realizing he was safe in Mama's lap he did great! He did NOT want to wear the cape though (I don't blame him). So, I wore a cape and he sat with me and played with blocks while Dalana at Cool Cuts did a bang up job on his hair! (Which, by the way, must not be an easy job - aiming sharp pointed objects at squirmy kids heads all day - not. for. me.) Jackster just looks so cute with his new 'do!
Before... He looks a little leery of this place.Not diggin' this too much...Feeling a bit better about things...
All done! But he's still not smiling. No way.

I know, I know...

It's been forever. I've heard from lots of my devoted readers that you're waiting for a big ol' China blog. Well, it's comin'. Sometime. When I get around to it. See, I've been trying to get Jason to write it up since he went on the trip and all but he's been very busy at work and with studying for this next section of the CPA exam sooo... I'll be ghostwriting all about China in the next few days or so. I've also got to go through the 1500 pictures and narrow them down to those that are blog-worthy (there are so many!) So, China's coming but for now, enjoy some pictures of my beautiful son!
Just look at that toothy grin! He's got 4 more teeth coming in now too! OUCH!
Close up!Loungin' in the bouncy seat that's waiting for sister...Mmmmm... apple...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

18 months old and some other things worth mentioning...

Jack is 1 1/2! Wow. He's growing so fast and is learning new things every day. Like... how to make sure he'll do what HE wants to and not what YOU want him to do. Example: Jack had his 18 month appointment with the doctor on Monday and he refused to allow us to weigh him. Refused. He screamed, he kicked, he held on to me with a death grip. He absolutely, positively was NOT getting on that scale. No way. No how. So, who knows how much he weighs - he is, however 33 1/2 inches tall. Everything looked good as far as health and development go. We're to continue with his nebulizer breathing treatments for a couple more weeks to make sure we keep the allergy-related wheezing at bay. Other than that, everything's A-OK!

This morning, I was talking to Jason on the internet phone and Jack could hear Daddy talking through the speakers on our computer. When we were saying our goodbyes, Jack waved at the computer and Jason said "bye-bye Jack". And Jack said, for the very first time, "bye-bye". Jason heard him on the other end of the line and was so excited. It was pretty stinkin' special to have Jack say bye-bye to Daddy when they were on opposite sides of the planet!

This afternoon, Jack and I were eating a snack on the couch and having a deep conversation. Ya know, "Da da deeeee. Ba ba deeeee.", that kind of thing. Anyway, I asked Jack where his baby sister was and he proceeded to lift up his shirt and show me his tummy. Close Little Man, but not quite. Too cute!

And finally... Jason's coming home tomorrow!!! We can't wait to see him!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The busy traveler!

Well, Jason and I have spoken several times over the last couple of days and he's sure staying busy! The group have visited Tiananmen square, The Forbidden City, done some shopping, been to several traditional Chinese meals - Peiking Duck, for one, and have seen a Kung Fu show (which Jason said was AWESOME!). Most of that was just yesterday! They're heading out early in the morning to visit the Great Wall of China and are really excited about the scenery they'll see then. Jason said he's taken lots of pictures so expect photo overload on the blog here when he returns. He's gotten his voice back and is feeling better but still has an annoying cough, not helped by the cool, dry weather in Beijing. Oh yeah... he'll be here the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!! Can you tell that I'm just a tad bit excited? Jack and I are so excited for Daddy to come home. They leave Beijing at 11:30 pm tomorrow night (our time) and will arrive at DFW around 4:15 pm on Thursday. Please continue to pray for their safety and for traveling mercies!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

In Beijing

I spoke with Jason this morning and they arrived in Beijing around 8pm Saturday night. They're so glad to be back in civilization with nice showers and comfy, clean beds. Praise God for His deliverance and safe travels! Unfortunately, Jason and Yevonne have lost their voices. Poor Jas whispered the entire 40 minutes we spoke today. Please continue to pray for his health.

Friday, October 05, 2007

On the way to Beijing...

As a write this, Jason and the rest of the crew are on a train to Beijing. We had a bit of a scare yesterday morning when we received some strange emails saying that everything was fine and not to worry (which of course made me worry) but a situation had arisen that required them to leave the orphanage quickly. Thankfully, their leaving wasn't a result of the group's witness but an unrelated dispute between the orphanage and a neighboring farmer and his son, who ultimately threatened to call authorities in retaliation. I spoke with Jason for a good amount of time this morning and although he was sad to have to leave the kids, he also sounded relieved to be on his way to becoming "just a tourist". Please continue to pray for the group as they continue on their journey. Pray that their travels will be safe and that they will enjoy their time visiting Beijing and the surrounding area. Continue to pray for their health. So far, no one's had much of a time with being sick. Jason and Yevonne have minor colds but are doing well. Pray for their health specifically. Pray that the remainder of the trip will go smoothly and that those of us at home will find our loved ones in our arms quickly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

3rd Trimester!

Woah! So, that went fast, huh? I'd post a picture except that Jason has my camera in China and although the lens is great quality and all, it'd be quite a zoom to get that picture. I do have my mom's camera for the time being but I don't think Jack has quite figured out how to get the perfect shot. I can't believe I'm in the final few months of my pregnancy with Baby Girl. I have so much to do to get ready... gotta go!

Pray for Elizabeth and Jeremy

I received this email this morning. Elizabeth and Jeremy are staying at another orphanage apart from the rest of the group. Please keep them in your prayers.

"This is Elizabeth's mom. She just called asking that we pass along this infomation as she has been unable to e-mail. She and Jeremy are exhausted. Apparently they keep moving Jeremy and Beth around from room to room where they stay so that the village does not realize that they are there and that there will not be a lot of talk. She stated that they keep having them go in, etc. so that they will not be seen by many people there. They have 9 boys and 4 girls from ages 8-14. They are telling them stories, etc. and are busy with various activities I know. They say that they are having trouble eating the food which I think they knew that they would. She requests prayer for their strength until they leave on Saturday which would be on Friday for us. She called at 11:05 Tuesday evening which would be 12:05 p.m. there in China on Wednesday. The phone connection was very good which surprised me. Please pass along this information so that the entire group will know what is going on. Thanks so much for your updates on the other group with Yevonne!
Love from Elizabeth's mom, Pat Wickersham, in Pleasanton, Texas"

Monday, October 01, 2007


I received this email today passed along from Yevonne, the preschool minister at our church. She is on the China trip as well...

"We got here after many hours on the road with lots to share later. We are all fine. I slept a few hours and woke up early. We have a full day ahead. The children are amazing. We are so happy to be here. They performed for us and we sang J loves you to them. They joined us in Chinese. It was amazing."
Please pray for our friends at Yevonne's home (Yevonne, Cindy, Jason & Terry) as well as Elizabeth & Jeremy at their home. Continue to ask for God's protection for their health and safety. Please remember those beautiful children (they were expecting 100).

And this one from Jason (emailing from Yevonne's blackberry)...

We are at the orphanage. The children are amazing and they love Jesus very much. We are safe. Pray for us.