Monday, October 01, 2007


I received this email today passed along from Yevonne, the preschool minister at our church. She is on the China trip as well...

"We got here after many hours on the road with lots to share later. We are all fine. I slept a few hours and woke up early. We have a full day ahead. The children are amazing. We are so happy to be here. They performed for us and we sang J loves you to them. They joined us in Chinese. It was amazing."
Please pray for our friends at Yevonne's home (Yevonne, Cindy, Jason & Terry) as well as Elizabeth & Jeremy at their home. Continue to ask for God's protection for their health and safety. Please remember those beautiful children (they were expecting 100).

And this one from Jason (emailing from Yevonne's blackberry)...

We are at the orphanage. The children are amazing and they love Jesus very much. We are safe. Pray for us.


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