Saturday, September 29, 2007

China update

I spoke with Jason a little while ago. Their flight was loooong but good. He was able to get some good sleep on the plane. The bus ride from Shanghai to Wuxi took twice as long as had been previously estimated - 4 hours instead of two. This is most likely due to high traffic since it's a big holiday weekend in China. It was about midnight, Sunday morning when we spoke and they were off to bed for a few hours. They will set off early Sunday morning for a much longer bus ride to the orphanages where they will be staying for the next week. Also, Jason made an interesting observation... apparently, China smells like plastic (go figure), diesel fuel, and cigarette smoke no matter where you go. Delightful! Keep on prayin' my friends!

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Michelle said...

You guys are all in our prayers! Call if you need to talk!