Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm growing a person! - and some other ramblings...

I'll be 23 weeks this coming Wednesday (which makes me 22 weeks, 3 days when this pic was taken). This little lady is super busy in my belly and it just makes me so happy! I just love laying down each night and feeling her bounce around while I'm reading. My midwife actually said that we probably wouldn't be able to feel her kicking as much as we felt Jack due to the position of my placenta (right up front). I actually think we're feeling her more at this point in the pregnancy than when I was this far along with Jack. She must be a REALLY strong kicker!

We're finally getting the nursery together. I say "finally" since we were close to done at this point in my last pregnancy - funny how different you do things your second time around. So, we made the trek to IKEA this morning to get baby girl a dresser for her room. It was our first time at IKEA and it was blissful. I love that place! Anyway, after perusing the showroom, enjoying a lunch of swedish meatballs and apple cake, and hunting for our dresser in the self-service furniture department we loaded up the car and headed back home. Jack snoozed the entire way and Jason and I decided that we definitely needed to paint before putting the dresser together. We came home and let Little Man stretch his legs for a bit and then headed out to The Home Depot to take advantage of their Labor Day paint specials. I've got Jas scheduled for the rest of the long weekend at the very least, working on Baby Girl's room. He's actually painting as I type this. Don't worry, I'll post some progress pictures as soon as I can.

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amanda (gallison) leffingwell said...

you look beautiful!