Monday, September 10, 2007

17 months!

Jack's another month older as of Saturday. His little personality is just shining through and it's so fun to watch it develop. He's a bit precocious at times (what 1-year-old isn't?) and he'll just get this gleam in his eye and we know he's up to no good. He still revels in sneaking off to see if he can unroll the toilet paper or pull all his jammies out of his dresser. Thankfully, we're getting somewhere in teaching him to "play" clean-up and we can get him to usually put things back where he got them (when he wasn't supposed to be getting them in the first place). He's just so incredibly sweet lately that I'm beginning to wonder if he's got an idea that something's going on in Mama's tummy. He wants hugs and kisses and for me to hold him all the time now. When I ask him "Where's Mama's tummy?" he lifts my shirt and hugs my belly. Then he hits me. Ah, well, you can't have it ALL I guess.

Sharing a smoothie with Daddy...

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