Monday, February 20, 2012

An hour in the life...

of a mom of three, one of whom is a newborn.  This is just one hour folks!

Monday, around 11:30am:

 We were happily eating lunch and Emmalyn was acting like she'd like to go to sleep in her buzzy chair so I decided to go put her in her bed. She always sleeps better in her bed.  When I picked her up she was soaked. She'd had a MAJOR blowout (strange for cloth diapers but she's still little and some of them don't fit just right yet) and it was all over her, all over her clothes, all over the chair - up to nearly her armpit and down to her foot. What. A. Mess! I took her to her room to get her cleaned up and got mess on the changing table and on the changing pad cover. I finally peel off her clothes, smearing her with lots of ickyness and decide it'd be better to just give her a bath - she needed one today anyway. I wiped her off as best I could with wipes and then... she peed everywhere! I wiped her dry with a prefold, laid another prefold in her crib and put her on it, naked, and went to get her bath ready. I came back after maybe 90 seconds and found that she'd peed again. A LOT! I guess the first pee was just a warning. The second pee was the real deal.  There was so much that it soaked the prefold and got her sheet and mattress pad wet. The sheet and mattress pad that I'd just changed YESTERDAY. I take her and get her cleaned up in the bathroom and then back to her room to get lotion and dressed. While I was doing that Caroline decided she was ready for her nap. I told her I'd be right there to put her down but then the sweetest thing happened. Jack said he'd do it. He unmade her bed, closed her blinds and curtains, tucked her in and gave her a hug and a kiss goodnight. And she went to sleep! Back to E's room - I stripped the bed and changed the sheets for the second time in 24 hours and then put Emmalyn in her bed, turned on her humidifier and mobile and popped in the paci and she was out like a light! Then it was on to laundry - poo covered laundry. My littlest one managed to create an entire load of laundry in less than an hour. No wonder I always have full baskets!  Good thing she's cute!