Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daddy and Dallas

A couple of weeks ago, Yaya and I took the kids out to West Village to have lunch with Daddy. We had such a fun morning walking around the area and had a wonderful lunch at Village Burger Bar. I think the kiddos ate their weight in sweet potato fries. Yum. After lunch we kissed Daddy bye-bye and hopped on the M-line Streetcar. Wow was Jack impressed! The ride was about 45-minutes round trip and we had the best time. Jack even got to help blow the whistle. He's still asking when we're going back to Dallas to ride the "trolley-train"! I'm sure this is the first of many times we'll make the trip to ride the streetcar. Oh, and to eat the sweet potato fries.

On the patio of Village Burger Bar, waving "hello" to the streetcar!Daddy and Caroline in deep conversation.The boysJack and the streetcar operator. He was super nice!
I almost forgot... this is hysterical. Or was to us anyway. Sitting near us on the patio were a couple of college boys having lunch. They jumped up to grab something from inside the restaurant and left their food sitting on the table. Well, along hops a grackel and sneaks a french fry right off one of the guy's plates. Not 10 seconds later the guy returns and dives right into his fries. We were cracking up... and we never said a word!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girls just wanna...

have fun! And that's just what Caroline and I did yesterday. While Jack was in school, Care-care and I headed up to Lewisville to visit with my old college roomies and their new additions. About a year after Jack was born, Michelle and Heather each had little boys (Brody and Matthew, respectively). Now, about a year after Caroline's birth, they each had baby girls! Heather's little Lainey Hope was born first and is now four weeks old. Michelle's Kate Elizabeth followed just two weeks later. Both little ones are just precious and tiny. It's amazing that I can forget how little they are in the newborn stage, even when I see tiny, new babies on a regular basis. When I see Caroline next to Lainey and Kate I'm reminded that she's not a baby any longer but a toddler now!
Caroline, hanging out in Kate's carseat. She loves to do this with ANY carseat she can find.Getting into something she shouldn't, of course!Kate - 2 weeks, Caroline - 15 months, Lainey - 4 weeksShe sure is loud!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Whoa now! That is quite a smile. A cheese-face for sure.
And what do you suppose made him smile so big? You guessed it. Trains.

A girl's gotta accessorize

Caroline loves Jack's engineer's cap. Loves.

She'll give you a toothache...

she's so sweet!

Nearly there...

With less than 30 days to the big April 15 deadline I'm happy to say that I'm surviving. It seems this tax season has gone faster than any since Jason's been in accounting. I'm working really hard at keeping us busy. It helps that Jack's in school a couple of days a week and I've attended a couple of births over the last few weeks. While busy season is just that, busy, it sure pays off the rest of the year when Jason has those lovely 3-day weekends. I keep reminding myself of that and looking forward to the kid-free vacation we'll will be taking in May... 63 days till we head to MEXICO!