Thursday, April 10, 2008

3 months old!

Sweet Caroline turned 3 months old on the day her big brother turned 2 - see post below to read about our day. What a cutie our baby girl is! She loves to laugh and talk to you and is becoming quite the bubble blower! She loves to look at ceiling fans and is a great eater. She'll put a grown man to shame with the gas she has though - super loud! Caroline likes baths but HATES to get out. She loves to be held and sees no use for bouncy seats or swings - or the carseat for that matter. She loves her brother and he can almost always make her laugh. Caroline can now roll from tummy to back and just today rolled from back to tummy. Car-bear has also started sticking her tongue out at you if you do it first - so funny! Those 3 months went so fast! It's hard to believe she's not a "newborn" anymore!

Funny tummy time faces!What?!Woah, there are lots of colors on this quilt!

2 years old!!!

WOAH! Time has flown! It's so hard to believe that it's been two years since my life changed forever and I became Jack's mommy. Two years ago, I had a brand new baby boy that I was so in love with. Then, I couldn't possibly imagine having more love in my life than I did at that very moment. But, my love for my son has grown immeasurably since then. My heart swells when I think about him.

On Jack's birthday(this past Tuesday) we went to his 2 year check-up with Dr. Raine. Jack is the picture of health. He's 29 lbs and 3 feet, 1/2 inch tall. According to Dr. Raine, he estimates Jack's adult height to be 6'1"! He's going to dwarf me and Jason! After his doctor's appointment, we went to the store to pick up some cupcakes (or pat-t-cakes as Jack calls them) and headed to Dallas to have lunch with Daddy. We had some yummy pizza, since that's Jack's favorite and then Munchkin chowed down on his cupcake icing - after blowing out his candles of course (with a little help from Daddy). Unfortunately, we didn't get pics of this since I left the camera in the car. Grr.

Jack's such a precious little man who's discovering something new every day. He loves to look out the window at the birds in the yard or at trucks passing by the house. Jack often busies himself by taking kitchen gadgets out of the drawer to figure out how they work - usually they're used for banging on something.

Jack loves to play with balls and read books. He loves to play basketball. His favorite books are The Little Red Hen (with Sesame Street characters), Goodnight Moon, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, The Napping House, and Where the Wild Things Are.
Jack loves, LOVES Elmo... and Thomas... and Curious George.

Jack loves to talk and so he talks. A LOT. Oftentimes I can't understand what he's saying or I'll have to take a moment to remember just what the particular sound he's just made actually means. Jason finds himself turning to me for translation on a regular basis.

Jack's developing manners. He says thank you, excuse me when he burps or pretends to burp, bless you when he or anyone else sneezes or coughs, and is really working on his table manners as well (he always puts his napkin in his lap and attempts to use cutlery most of the time).

Jack loves to talk(or pretend to talk) on the phone. He often gets out his phone and pretends to call Papa (Pappaw, Jason's dad), Noney (Jason's grandmother, Honey), and Memmy (Jason's sister, Emmy). He always makes sure to say "Hi!" and "Bye, bye!" He's even figured out that mommy flips her cell phone closed when she's done talking and tries to do that too.

Jack is so sweet to his baby sister. He loves to give Caroline hugs and kisses. The other day we were in the car and Caroline woke up and started crying, quite loudly. After a few minutes I hear Jack saying "baby, baby" and Caroline's crying had stopped. I turned around to find my sweet Little Man holding his baby sister's hand and talking to her. He had calmed her down and gotten her to stop crying! So sweet!

Jackie, Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Two years ago you made us a family and we are so thankful for that. We praise God for you every day and can't imagine our lives without you. We love you so much Munchkin.

Love, Mama and Daddy
Climbing......getting ready......WHEEEE! SO FUN!

A lovely morning at the park!

Erin and I took Jack and Selah to the park to feed the ducks a couple of weeks ago (I think). We enjoyed a picnic lunch, a nice walk (even though I was wearing a baby and pushing nearly 100 lbs of stroller and toddlers, up hill, both ways, in the snow, wah, wah...) and beautiful sunshine. Jack and Selah loved swinging at the playground and watching the elementary school kids that were on a field trip to the park run around like mad. Too bad Jack had a fit when it was time to go home. Oh, well, we take the bad with the good, do we not?

Jack and Selah enjoying their lunch and watching the ducks. Jack was interested in meat, Selah was interested in Jack's fruit instead of her lunch.
Me and Caroline, all set to go for a walk!

Her first dress

My very first dress!
Of course there's a matching bow! Geez, mom!While I'm on the changing table... I think I'll poop!Much better. Mom can you take care of this, please?!

Happy Easter!

So, I'm a little late... what else is new?!

We had a very low key Easter Sunday this year. All of us were getting over being super sick so we didn't really want to do much. We spent the morning playing with Jack's goodies from the Easter Bunny and then headed off to church. We then came home to have a quick lunch and take naps. After all, that's what Sunday afternoons are for, right? We headed over to the Coursey's for some fabulous ham (Jason reeeeaaallly loved it) and playtime for the kiddos. All in all, a pretty laid back day. We didn't do an egg hunt though, there was one at church but we all felt so cruddy that we decided to forgo it this year. Sad but true... Anyway, here are some pics of the kiddos in their Easter best! Can you tell it was naptime?


Jack's favorite sport, by far, is basketball! It's one of the first things he talks about in the morning and sometimes I can hear him saying "bakke, bakke, bakke" (basket) as he's going to sleep at night. He loves to play with his kids ball and hoop and experiments with what will and will not fit in the hoop. He even gets distracted from eating because he remembers he has a basketball goal in the play room and will often ask to get down so he can go play. He also loves to watch basketball on TV and will jump up and down and cheer when he sees a game is on. Now, if only the Mavs could bring home the championship...
Score!Two points!

Makin' it work!

Jack can still pound it out with the best of 'em... even with a broken collar bone! Incidentally, this was a couple days after Jack's fall and trip to the hospital. Later that day, he discovered he could actually take the bandage and sling OFF without my help. So, he helped himself. I was able to get it back on him a couple more times but after that it was OVER! Amazingly, Jack knew to be really careful with his left arm and held it close to his body as much as possible. When he went for his two week check up with the orthopedist, everything looked great and healed up nicely!
Hammer, hammer, hammer!
Notice he's sitting on his ball. He's seen me sit on my exercise ball so much that he's imitating me now and has gotten quite good at this!

Excuses, excuses...

Okay, okay. I know that a blog update is long overdue but we've been dealing with a lot these past few weeks. What, with a broken collar bone, all four of us getting sick, my being a "single-ish parent" thanks to tax season, Jason taking another part of the CPA exam, and my having to keep up with all the rigors of motherhood and wifey-ness, who has time to blog??? Honestly, I've just been trying to keep my head above water during this time and to spend as much time with the kiddos as possible. I've let some things slide, what can I say?

Enough excuses already, here come the updates!