Thursday, April 10, 2008

Makin' it work!

Jack can still pound it out with the best of 'em... even with a broken collar bone! Incidentally, this was a couple days after Jack's fall and trip to the hospital. Later that day, he discovered he could actually take the bandage and sling OFF without my help. So, he helped himself. I was able to get it back on him a couple more times but after that it was OVER! Amazingly, Jack knew to be really careful with his left arm and held it close to his body as much as possible. When he went for his two week check up with the orthopedist, everything looked great and healed up nicely!
Hammer, hammer, hammer!
Notice he's sitting on his ball. He's seen me sit on my exercise ball so much that he's imitating me now and has gotten quite good at this!

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