Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The busy traveler!

Well, Jason and I have spoken several times over the last couple of days and he's sure staying busy! The group have visited Tiananmen square, The Forbidden City, done some shopping, been to several traditional Chinese meals - Peiking Duck, for one, and have seen a Kung Fu show (which Jason said was AWESOME!). Most of that was just yesterday! They're heading out early in the morning to visit the Great Wall of China and are really excited about the scenery they'll see then. Jason said he's taken lots of pictures so expect photo overload on the blog here when he returns. He's gotten his voice back and is feeling better but still has an annoying cough, not helped by the cool, dry weather in Beijing. Oh yeah... he'll be here the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!! Can you tell that I'm just a tad bit excited? Jack and I are so excited for Daddy to come home. They leave Beijing at 11:30 pm tomorrow night (our time) and will arrive at DFW around 4:15 pm on Thursday. Please continue to pray for their safety and for traveling mercies!

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