Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pray for Elizabeth and Jeremy

I received this email this morning. Elizabeth and Jeremy are staying at another orphanage apart from the rest of the group. Please keep them in your prayers.

"This is Elizabeth's mom. She just called asking that we pass along this infomation as she has been unable to e-mail. She and Jeremy are exhausted. Apparently they keep moving Jeremy and Beth around from room to room where they stay so that the village does not realize that they are there and that there will not be a lot of talk. She stated that they keep having them go in, etc. so that they will not be seen by many people there. They have 9 boys and 4 girls from ages 8-14. They are telling them stories, etc. and are busy with various activities I know. They say that they are having trouble eating the food which I think they knew that they would. She requests prayer for their strength until they leave on Saturday which would be on Friday for us. She called at 11:05 Tuesday evening which would be 12:05 p.m. there in China on Wednesday. The phone connection was very good which surprised me. Please pass along this information so that the entire group will know what is going on. Thanks so much for your updates on the other group with Yevonne!
Love from Elizabeth's mom, Pat Wickersham, in Pleasanton, Texas"

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