Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jack's first haircut!

Well, Munchkin's hair was just about covering his ears and was looking a bit shaggy in the back so we decided that the time had come for his first haircut. Jack's not too big on strangers touching his head and neck - he hates having his head measured at the doctor's office - so we were a bit worried about how he would react. Guess what... after just a minute or two of being upset and realizing he was safe in Mama's lap he did great! He did NOT want to wear the cape though (I don't blame him). So, I wore a cape and he sat with me and played with blocks while Dalana at Cool Cuts did a bang up job on his hair! (Which, by the way, must not be an easy job - aiming sharp pointed objects at squirmy kids heads all day - not. for. me.) Jackster just looks so cute with his new 'do!
Before... He looks a little leery of this place.Not diggin' this too much...Feeling a bit better about things...
All done! But he's still not smiling. No way.

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