Friday, October 05, 2007

On the way to Beijing...

As a write this, Jason and the rest of the crew are on a train to Beijing. We had a bit of a scare yesterday morning when we received some strange emails saying that everything was fine and not to worry (which of course made me worry) but a situation had arisen that required them to leave the orphanage quickly. Thankfully, their leaving wasn't a result of the group's witness but an unrelated dispute between the orphanage and a neighboring farmer and his son, who ultimately threatened to call authorities in retaliation. I spoke with Jason for a good amount of time this morning and although he was sad to have to leave the kids, he also sounded relieved to be on his way to becoming "just a tourist". Please continue to pray for the group as they continue on their journey. Pray that their travels will be safe and that they will enjoy their time visiting Beijing and the surrounding area. Continue to pray for their health. So far, no one's had much of a time with being sick. Jason and Yevonne have minor colds but are doing well. Pray for their health specifically. Pray that the remainder of the trip will go smoothly and that those of us at home will find our loved ones in our arms quickly.

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