Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby #2 - 11 weeks!

Well, according to my due date I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. Wow! That time FLEW by! I had an appointment this morning with one of my midwives - Lindsay. (I actually switched practices and am now seeing some midwives that deliver at Baylor Dallas. (I "heart" them!) Lindsay said everything looks great and based on my physical exam (fun) that I appear to be closer to 12 weeks than 11 but we'll stick with my original January 3rd due date for now. We heard the heartbeat and it was beautiful! The little Bean was pumping in the 160's and appears to be doing great. I have another appointment on July 11 and should have a sonogram sometime around mid-August.

As for me, I'm definitely starting to feel better. My morning sickness has pretty much subsided except when I brush my teeth - why that makes me gag I don't know. I'm still pretty tired but Jackster has been sleeping great lately so that really helps. My aversion for all things dairy has passed thankfully. I was missing my ice cream! Mmmmmm.... ice cream....

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