Monday, August 17, 2009

Colorado Trip 2009

Jason and I headed to Colorado for a little getaway and to attend the wedding of some friends, Corey and Katie Lemons. We drove and really enjoyed our road trip together, just the two of us. We spent our first night in Colorado Springs and visited the Air Force Academy the next day. It was fun but we were FREEZING. The high that day was 56 degrees! What a change from the 106 that we left in Texas. Thankfully, we'd check the forecast ahead of time and were prepared. We then headed to Littleton to meet up with the Thompson/Lemons family and then drove to Evergreen for the rehearsal. We enjoyed a nice pizza dinner and late night bowling and then went back to the hotel to hit the sack. We were worn out! The next day we took a little trip to Central City, which was kind of sad. It's a cute mountain town that's been completely taken over by casinos and bars. We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the wedding and then headed back to Evergreen that evening for the big event. The wedding was beautiful (once the rain stopped) and we had a great time. We left Colorado on Saturday morning but stopped off in Manitou Springs on the way home. Our trip there took a little longer than anticipated and we were a couple of hours behind schedule. We decided to stop over in Amarillo for the night so we could be a little more rested. We had dinner and went to see the new Harry Potter movie and then went back to the hotel for some snoozing. We were off early the next morning and were so happy to be home when our kids woke up from their afternoon naps. It was an interesting trip and we learned alot about travelling together. Fun times!

The view of Pike's Peak on our second day there. It was so rainy and cold!
Me and the Air Force Academy parking lot. Nice.View of the Air Force Academy Chapel coming up the trail.Gorgeous. Truly an amazing piece of architecture.The ceiling of the chapel's top floor.The cross above the altar in the Protestant portion of the chapel, located on the top floor.The amazing pipe organ in the Protestant chapel.The outside, bottom floor.The altar of the Catholic chapel, on the bottom floor.An amazing mosaic in the Catholic chapel.The synagogue.The buddhist meditation area.John and Patsy Lemons, dad and mom of the groom. I love this picture of them. What a legacy they're leaving their kiddos.Nice, Carey.Me and the lovely view at The Evergreen Lakehouse.And Jason.And some geese. An interesting character in Center City, COThe Thompsons on Lookout Mountain. I was up the hill on a rock feeling a little green from all the winding mountain roads.Victoria, conked out.Kim and Victoria at the weddding.Sweetest little flower girl!Me and Jas, all dressed up and FREEZING. Being silly. I'd marry this guy all over again!

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Chris and Jill said...

Y'all must have been up here for the short cool snap we got a few weeks ago. Never fear, it heated back up (nothing like Texas though). I'm glad y'all had a nice visit! You look beautiful in the pictures :-)