Monday, August 17, 2009

Jason is 30!

So this post is long overdue... We had a great time celebrating Jason's thirtieth birthday at his parents house. Yummy food, a homemade carrot cake (courtesy of yours truly) and our fabulous family. Happy belated birthday my love.

30 reasons I love you...

1. You love Jesus with all your heart.
2. You're such a great dad.
3. You're the practical one. I need someone to balance me out.
4. You're such a hard worker. You do everything you can to keep our family secure and keep me home with the kids.
5. You didn't flinch at the mention of cloth diapering.
6. You are supportive in just about every venture I'd like to take... teaching, natural childbirth, doula-ing, and some more unsuccessful ones I don't care to mention.
7. You help keep me accountable for everything... my prayer life, working out, eating right (usually), finances. You're great at keeping things in check. You should be, that's what the letters behind your name are for, right?
8. We've been through thick and thin together and come out the other side stronger and better for having struggled.
9. You're by my side for every life change and will be always. I know I can count on that.
10. You've made your share of mistakes and aren't afraid to own up to them. You see God's plan in your life through the trials.
11. I love your brown eyes and the way the corners are just beginning to crinkle when you smile. You're aging well my dear. You get better every day.
12. I love that Caroline has been blessed with the very same beautiful brown eyes.
13. You can mow a mean lawn in no time. Nice when I'm cooped up in the house while you do it.
14. Even though it takes some time to get projects around the house completed, when they're done they're great. I love that you take pride in our home.
15. You have a thirst for the Word and love to learn about the Bible.
16. You love your parents and sister so, so much.
17. You love ice cream just as much as I do. That's saying a lot.
18. You have a servant's heart. You love to do things for others.
19. You have great taste in music.
20. You give the best backrubs.
21. You're completely pro-breastfeeding, pro-babywearing, pro-natural childbirthing, pro-attachment parenting. We're totally on the same wavelength when it comes to child rearing and I love that you have no problem talking to other dads about a lot of these things (when the time is right, not just in normal everyday conversation). See #2.
23. I love how you sign your letters and cards and little notes that you write to me. Truly attuned to Song of Songs.
24. You say whatever comes to mind. It's pretty hilarious sometimes. You don't have too much of a filter which can be very good or very bad. But usually is just funny.
25. You're a great cook. I need some Steak Au Poivre.
26. You're the master dishwasher loader around here. It's like a puzzle and you somehow make everything fit. Amazing.
27. You're great at your job.
28. You look great in a suit. I get to see you in one nearly every day. You also look great in khaki shorts and flip-flops. Let's just say I like the way you look. ;)
29. Our kids love, love, love you. Jack imitates you all the time and Caroline asks about you all day long. Precious.
30. You love me. How'd I get so lucky?!

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Kim said...

And that servant's heart (#18) and unfilteredness (#24) make him an amazing friend and a BLAST to be around!!