Friday, February 06, 2009

Prayers for Uncle Ross

Jason's Uncle Ross is in the hospital. I just spoke with Jason' s mom and things aren't looking good. He has a severe case of pneumonia. So much so that he's been placed on a ventilator and is sedated to keep him from removing his breathing tube. The doctor is also quite concerned about his leg. Ross went to the hospital this morning because when he woke up his leg was blue and he could barely use it. He has such poor circulation in that leg that it's not getting adequate blood flow and the tissues are dying. It appears that they will have to amputate - the doctor says there's not much surgically they can do to fix it otherwise.

Please pray for Ross' recovery. Pray for Jason's family (especially his grandmother, Honey and his mom, Pattie) as they are having to make some difficult decisions and seeing Ross struggle so. Pray for the doctors, that they will have the wisdom and skill to treat Ross appropriately and successfully. And most of all, pray for the will of the Lord to be done in this situation.

We truly appreciate your prayers, dear friends. We know He is the Great Physician and can heal Ross, in this life and the next.

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