Monday, February 09, 2009

Keep on praying!

Your prayers are working! Ross was removed from the ventilator yesterday and is improving! According to his nurse, he had a good night last night and his cough is better. They are addressing the breathing issues first before they move on to his leg. Keep it up prayer warriors. God is good!

UPDATE: Ross is out of ICU and in a "regular" room. It looks like he will be able to go home in several days, WITH both legs! The doctor said they'd reevaluate the leg/stent situation in several weeks and determine what to do then. Please continue to pray for his recovery. God is good!

UPDATE: Ross is HOME! He's been home for several days now. I don't have many details other than he's being watched by his doctors and will go in a couple of weeks to see the doctor about his leg. I guess he's doing well if they sent him home. Praise God!

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