Thursday, November 09, 2006

7 months old!

Jack turned 7 months old yesterday. Time flies, blah, blah, blah... Seriously though, I love my little man and he's growing so fast! 7 months ago I was in the hospital with my little nugget and now he's saying Mama! I can't believe it. I'm so thankful for him each and every day.
We marked the day by going to the doctor - not a regular checkup but a re-check on Jack's tummy and ears. Poor little guy had an ear infection last week and some troubles going to the bathroom. Dr. Raine took him off one of his reflux meds that, after prolonged use (Jack's been on it for about 5 months), can be "binding" if you get my drift. Well, we got the infection cleared up and Jack is so regular now you could set your clock by him but he had a rough few nights this past week. On Monday night no one in our house got much sleep. Little Man was up crying most of the night and appeared to be in severe pain. We thought it might still be his ears but when Dr. Raine checked them yesterday they looked fine. Soooo, we're trying some things related to his reflux diagnosis to see if we can pinpoint the problem. Interestingly enough, Jack's been refusing solids for a couple of weeks now and yesterday afternoon and evening he couldn't get enough of them! He slept all night too so I wonder if the two are related? Hmmm... I wish he could just tell us what's going on.

On another note, the last several weeks have had our house turned upside down. We've been doing quite a bit of renovation and improvement on the place and it's really starting to feel like home. We (Jason and his friends, not me) have been in the process of replacing all the flooring in the house with wood laminate. The project's almost complete - just the dining room left to go and then the trim and interior doors will be replaced. It really looks and feels like a whole new house.

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