Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now I've seen it all...

Let me preface this by saying that I have no problem with tattoos. Folks that have them are probably a little braver than me (maybe, I did have a natural childbirth). Tats are for adults; grown people who can make sound decisions - even if that decision is made after a night of raucous partying.

Tattoos are not for children. Except if you are acclaimed body artist Jesse Stone - I only know he's acclaimed because his website said he was. He started a company called Tattoo Your Toddler - Ok, so the tattoo is not technically "permanent" but it does last 10 years - 10 YEARS! That's pretty darn near permanent from a kid's perspective! I can see Jack deciding in a couple of years that he wants a Thomas the Tank Engine tattoo. I highly doubt that he'll appreciate that same picture of Thomas on his bicep when he's 13. This makes no sense to me. What was wrong with the temporary tattoos you got out of the vending machine at the grocery store? You know, the ones that were supposed to be laced with some type of hallucinogenic drug. Definitely a better choice. Hmmm... maybe, just maybe, we could try to let kids remain unblemished til they're at least 18 and can make this decision on their own - or at least with a little help from their college buddies.

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