Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baby news...

I'm so excited to be expecting again. When we first found out we had another little one on the way Jason and I were engulfed in a whirlwind of emotion. We had not expected this and were a little afraid of just how things were going to play out come January. Well, after letting the baby news sink in we are just thrilled with the idea of a new little munchkin.

I absolutley loved being pregnant with Jack. I'm hoping to get over this morning (all day long) sickness very soon so I can jump into the part of pregnancy where I have tons of energy and feel the best I ever have.

Since I had such a textbook unmedicated delivery with Jack, Jason and I decided to move a touch more to the natural side of things. I've decided to use the services of a group of Certified Nurse Midwives in Fort Worth that deliver at Harris Downtown. I'm really looking forward to building a rapport with the midwives. It will sure be nice to explain to my practitioner that I'm not planning on any medication during my delivery and not getting the "we'll see" look like I did from my OB.

We had our first visit with the nurse this past Friday. I was excited to get on the scale and see that I'm actually 25 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Jack. Hopefully this pregnancy will be all the more easier without all that extra weight. Anyway, the nurse did the whole 100 questions bit, history, blood work, etc. She figured my due date to be January 3rd - although we're not so sure how accurate that is since this baby was such a surprise. We have our first visit with a midwife on June 22 (our 5th anniversary) and are excited to hear the little one's heartbeat then.

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations. We are so thrilled to have such wonderful friends and family to rely upon for love and support. I'll remember each and every one of you come March when Jason's in the thick of tax season and I need someone to come over and change dirty diapers! We are truly blessed beyond measure.

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