Monday, November 05, 2007

I have...

the best friends ever! My old college girlfriends threw me an impromptu shower yesterday evening and it was great! We had so much fun getting together with the husbands and kiddos and enjoying dinner together. We were kept busy with all our little guys running (or being passed) around and our big guys drawing interesting pictures on the paper tablecloth. They made sure we were loaded up with plenty of diapers and pink and purple goodies. Thanks gals! I love y'all!
The big boys and the little boys!
Josh and Matthew, Jason and Jack, Justin and BrodyJack and his buddies Matthew and Brody - Nice spaghetti face Jackster!The girlies! Jenny, Heather, me, Ashley, and MichelleAnd looking just about 20 months back... at Jack's shower! Big difference, huh?

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