Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh the weather outside was frightful...

But inside our home was filled with warmth from our family and friends! Our Christmas eve was pretty low key. Good thing too because the weather took quite a turn. It snowed most of the day and then around sundown it turned in to a blizzard (or as close to one as we get here in Texas)! My mom came over and we enjoyed spending the day together, wrapping gifts and playing with the kids. Everyone enjoyed watching White Christmas, a tradition at our house. The Courseys came over and our kids got to exchange gifts. My mom even had some special handmade surprises for Selah and Matthan. We chowed down on Chinese food together and let the kids play. When it was time to leave, Terry and Jason couldn't resist a bit of a snowball fight. Terry ended up flat on his back after slipping on the ice. Then retaliated bu pummeling our front door with snowballs. Cold and wet, the Courseys made their way home and we got the kids into bed and went about our Christmas Eve Parental Duties. We assembled toys, wrapped gifts, and set everything out ready for the next morning's magic.
View from the front window
The backyardWe had icicles!And the front of the house
Terry and Matthan
Erin, thanking my mom for Matthan's quilt. It's beautiful!Jack, helping Selah open her gift from Yaya.
Chef Selah! She was so proud!The tree, just before we turned in for the night

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Ann said...

The tree never shines brighter than it does on Christmas Eve. Beautiful!