Friday, February 05, 2010

Bling, bling!

Sweet Caroline had a big day yesterday! A rite of passage, if you will. She got her ears pierced! Now, I'll say we were planning on waiting until she was much older. I wanted her to be able to tell me she wanted them done, plan for it, make an event of it. I never thought we'd get them done this early. But... she's been really interested in my earrings for quite some time now. She has play earrings that she wants to wear all the time. For her birthday, her sweet grandparents, Pappaw and Gigi, got her some beautiful diamond studs! I don't even have diamond studs. Well, that was the kicker. I asked her if she wanted her ears pierced. I told her it would hurt like a shot. She said yes. That was several weeks ago and she hasn't stopped talking about it since.

What's wonderful is that one of the doctors at our pediatrician's office does ear piercing. Everything is sterile, she's comfortable with the office, Dr. Harris is very particular about placement and they even gave us a prescription for numbing cream so it wouldn't hurt. The most Caroline protested was when we had to take the band-aids off that I put on so the numbing cream wouldn't get on everything on the drive to the office. She also got mad when Dr. Harris tried to put dots on her earlobes with a little marker. We had to tell her that we were checking her ears so she would let us near her with the pen. When it came time to get down to business it was no big deal. She cried for just a few seconds. Then she noticed her earrings in the mirror and said "Oooooo! So brave! I love it!" Funny girl.

She's so proud of her earrings. She's been talking about them and the experience ever since. "My earrings. Cried and cried. So brave! So beautiful!", she'll say, over and over. Too cute.
In the car. She's got her band-aids on her ears so the numbing goo won't get everywhere.Waiting in the doctor's office
BTW... does anyone else see the crooked smile that she has in these two pics? I have the same crooked smile! I just noticed that. Maybe she does look a little like me after all. Anyway...

Right after. She's got a lollipop in her mouth that turned her lips the most lovely shade of blue.

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Brunson Family said...

Yea Caroline! They look very cute! p.s. I have the SAME crooked smile!