Thursday, March 11, 2010

If it's not one thing...

So, this week has been a challenge to say the least and it's only Thursday. It seems like we can't catch a break at the Maurice house.

We're in the thick of busy season. In essence, I'm a single parent from late January to mid-April. It's tough. I don't know how "real" single parents and military spouses do it. Seriously. I should just start putting money away for my therapy bills. Kidding. Kind of.

If busy season, in and of itself isn't enough to make me run for the hills, this week has been particularly hard. The kids went to my mom's on Friday night because Jason and I both had to work all day Saturday. They had a great time at Yaya's... cooking, playing outside, watching the sun come up, even a trip to the Gainesville Zoo. Fun times. Mom packed them back up, drove them home and delivered them to our house on Saturday evening.

When she got them here, she and Jason remarked about how red, swollen, and teary Jack's eyes were. He just wasn't acting himself either. The Thompsons came over and Jack just wanted to lay in our bed, in the dark, and watch TV. He didn't want pizza for dinner. He didn't want to play with Riley and Victoria. He wanted to be in bed and be left alone. Not normal for Jack.

Well, he seemed a bit better on Sunday but we kept him home from church. The extra time with Jason was really great for him but by lunchtime he was spent. He and Caroline both took nice, long naps. This is a rarity in our house - Jack hasn't napped at home in about a month. After naps, Caroline and I loaded up in Jason's car with a baby gift and some yummy appetizers that I'd spent the afternoon preparing for our friend Rae's baby shower. As we were pulling in to Rae's driveway Caroline threw up. A lot. We delivered the food and gift and headed back home. Caroline threw up two more times on the way back. Not fun. After getting her bathed and the car cleaned out she seemed better. She went to bed with no problem that night and the puking hasn't returned.

Jack seemed better on Monday but had a hard night's sleep that night. I kept him home from school on Tuesday and took him in to see Dr. Harris (she shares an office with Dr. Raine) who discovered that he had a severe sinus infection that had settled in his eyes and a pretty bad ear infection. We've not got antibiotics on board and Jack was able to return to school this morning. He's feeling better but still in a bit of a funk, attitude-wise.

Caroline was awakened early this morning. Jack was up before six and decided everyone else needed to be up too. She heard him yelling and was ready to get up... or just not able to go back to sleep because of the noise. After dropping Jack off at school she and I headed to Target (or mecca, whatever) to get a few things. After about ten minutes she started whining and crying that she wanted to go home. She'd say "Not in there! No more shirts! No more shoes!" She was having fits about what we were doing in the store at every turn. My girl loves to shop and be out so this was very odd. We came home and she wanted to lay on the couch and watch Dora... not unusual. She wanted oatmeal for lunch... a little unusual. She ate about five bites and then just started crying for no reason. She wanted to go to bed. "NO BOOKS! LIGHT OFF! TAKE A NAP!" She was very upset but settled once in bed.

About five minutes later she was screeching and yelling that she had a boo boo. I went to her room and she was inconsolable. It took me about five minutes to get her calmed down and find out what was going on. She finally was able to eek out "Ear boo boo!" between sobs. I gave her some Tylenol, some snuggles and kisses, and put her back to bed. She's got a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'm nearly sure she's got an ear infection. Sheesh.

So, prayers for us to make it till April 15 would be great. Prayers for us to be well and happy would be wonderful. Prayers for me to stay patient with my kids, no matter how frustrated or sad they are (busy season's taking it's toll on them) would be fantastic. I know that Christ will give me strength to make it through but it seems like I'm having a hard time remembering that in the midst of these trials. Pray that I remember. Thanks friends!

UPDATE: Caroline does, indeed, have an ear infection. A really, really bad ear infection that's likely to rupture. She's cried most of the day. Thankfully, she's got ibuprofen and numbing drops on board as well as a super antibiotic. It must be super because it's super priced. $211 for 10 days worth. Thank the Lord for manufacturer coupons and a pediatrician that understands my crummy insurance policy.

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Corin said...

Oh no, times like these are soooo hrad. I know, we just came out of them ourselves! It seems like when stuggles hit, they hit hard. Sick kids are especially a bummer.

Your beautiful babies are in my thought and prayers, and so are you and your sanity!

Keep strong!