Monday, March 18, 2013

FIVE! and an un-sleepover

Sweet Caroline turned five just two days after little Emmalyn turned one.  January was a celebration filled birthday month around our house (our nephew Bennett and Caroline share a birthday, four years apart) and was soooo much fun!  Caroline desperately wanted to have a sleepover but I thought she and her friends weren't quite ready for a slumber party just yet.  And, frankly, I like my sleep.  I didn't want to be calling parents to come pick up kiddos at 3am if someone got homesick.  We squeeze as many sleepover activities we could into three hours and then sent everyone home to go to bed.  It worked out perfectly.  Jack and his buddy Drew, who's younger sister was at the party, even got to camp out away from the girls in a tent in the backyard and watch a movie.  So fun!

Birthday Girl before her friends arrived!  She was SO excited!
 photo early2013078.jpg
Snacks for movie time!
 photo early2013074.jpg
Favors!  Yummy popcorn from our fave popcorn shop!
 photo dd19c418-3d82-4622-af72-5c279be43718.jpg
 photo 5ad5fbf9-c72d-45f7-8016-84e7f67f2b08.jpg
First thing's first... pizza dinner in the playroom!  They were so funny just chatting and eating.  And were SO well behaved.  The other moms and I were remarking that this would be a TOTALLY different party with 12 boys.  It was amazingly quiet.  So far...
 photo early2013080.jpg
After dinner we painted nails.  I was too busy manicuring little fingers to get a shot of that.  Then we had post-beauty movie time.  Sophia the First is one of Care's favorite shows now so everyone grabbed snacks and snuggled down to watch together.
 photo early2013089.jpg
 Next up, cupcakes!
 photo early2013092.jpg
The girls sang and Caroline blew out her candles and then...
 photo 71004812-d6bf-4507-a208-be6981bba4cb.jpg
it was time to decorate!  LOTS of M&Ms were consumed and the girls took great care to get asmanysprinklesaspossible crammed on their cupcakes.  But, I got very few pictures of those too because they were quickly inhaled.
 photo 61a78033-4a9d-4faa-b263-6468134fcfae.jpg

Presents and dancing and squealing and playing and parents picking up followed and then Caroline CRASHED.  She partied till she dropped.  Literally.  Such a fun time.

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Anonymous said...

Noice!!!!! Hope the party was AWESOME!!!!!!!Invite me to the next one??!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!