Monday, September 25, 2006

Take me out to the ball game!

Jack went to his first Rangers game yesterday. A good friend of mine, Jack's Auntie Jenny, works for the team and got us some great seats soooo... we packed up the little man and all his stuff and headed out. We got to see some good friends and get some sunshine. We were only able to stay for a little while (I had another engagement) and the Rangers lost but we still had fun!

On another note... We had a crazy day on Friday! Jason and I decided the time had come for us to finally pick out flooring for our house so we went on a trek to find the perfect laminate. Well, as I'm getting out of the car (in a completely empty parking lot) at a builder's surplus store, some big ol' truck rams my door. Yep, hit my open door on my PARKED car! He then proceeded to rev his engine like I was inconviencing him or something. Now we have to deal with insurance and investigation (cause of course he says it was my fault - wrong!) and all that junk! Oh well, at least I still have my leg intact. It could have been much worse. Oh yeah, Jack slept through the entire ordeal!

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