Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where's the carseat?

Jason and I went out on Saturday night to his company Christmas party. We've only been out alone a handfull of times since Jack's been born. It's certainly not because we don't want to, or that we have a shortage of babysitters. It's just been difficult because Jack is nursing and pretty much refuses a bottle so in order for him to eat, I have had to be home. Well, we were able to sneak away after his last feeding yesterday evening and we really enjoyed ourselves. It gave me a chance to put on clothes that haven't yet had a chance to be stained by some sort of strained vegetable. We left the house without a diaper bag, burp cloth, sippy cup, or toy. We even went on our journey without a carseat in the car! As much fun as we had having adult conversation, it was wonderful to come home and find that Yaya was able to have a great evening with Little Man and that he was soundly asleep in his crib when we returned.
P.S. Thanks Yaya for taking such good care of Jack... even if you did have to deal with poo in the bathtub! I promise, he's never done that with us! We love you!

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