Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New kicks!

Jack got some new shoes on Saturday and he's getting used to walking around in them. He does really well and we did some running (falling) and playing in the yard yesterday afternoon. His joy is absolutley infectious! This is what it's all about, folks.

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Susan Fenwick said...

Hi Kippy,

It looks like you are really taking to motherhood well. It was great of your mom to share your blog with me. I enjoyed seeing the growing pictures of Jack. (and the account of his birth) When children come into our lives we are never the same!! I just sent my first born off to UC Berkley!! Seems like yesterday we were going through the birth account and 1st birthday. It snowed on my daughter Elizabeth 1st birthday party in Dallas on March 8, 1989. I had planned a big party with mostly adults. Corless and Dottie couldn't come because of the snow and distance from Duncanville to Richardson.

In a couple of months or so you want to think of a playmate for Jack. It is worth all the energy!!

Take care & hugs to you!!

Susan Fenwick in sunny California.