Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh what a difference...

... a year makes! Let's take a look back, shall we?

Jack's Birthstory
- written the day we brought him home from the hospital - April 10, 2006

I went to the doctor on Friday and at 40 wks, 2 days I was dialated to 3 cm, 50% effaced and -2 station. The doctor stripped my membranes during the exam which wasn’t pleasant but not too painful either.

At about 9:45 that evening I began having contractions that were 20 minutes apart. I wasn’t too concerned because that had been happening to me all week. I’d have an episode of regular contractions for a few hours and then they’d taper off. Not thinking I was in labor, I went to bed and slept fitfully.

I couldn’t take being in bed any longer and got up about 3:45. My contractions picked up to 10 minutes apart. Jason was a bit skeptical when I told him I was in labor. We got up and did some last minute preparations for the hospital, packed the car, showered, etc. We called my mom and I continued to labor at home. Jason and I walked around the cul-de-sac and I did lots of swaying and “labor dancing” to alleviate my pain. By 5:00 my contractions were 5 minutes apart.

My mom arrived around 6 and we left for the hospital around 6:30. Let me say that the drive was torture! Having to sit still through the contractions was really difficult and made the pain much worse! When we arrived at the hospital my blood pressure was elevated (duh, I was in pain!) in triage so they had me lay down which was no fun either. When the nurse checked me at about 7:15 I was 4-5 cm, 90% effaced.

They got me settled into my labor and delivery room and I continued to labor, medication free. The rocking chair and warm compresses were my best friends! A little tip… if you’re planning natural child birth then STAY OUT OF BED! The pain was so much better when I was moving around.

The doctor (not mine as it was a Saturday and he wasn’t on call) came to check me at 9 and I was 5 cm. He wanted to break my bag of waters but I convinced him to wait another hour. He came in about 10:15 and I was now a 6, again wanted to break my water and I convinced him to wait one more hour to see how I progressed. Well, as I was moving back to the rocker from the bed after being checked, my water broke on its own! Yay! About 20 minutes later I began to feel lots of pressure and had the nurse check me. I was an 8! 20 minutes later, I was complete. That transition business is no joke. I went from 6 -10 in 40 minutes… fast and furious!

I pushed about 4 times and Jack came right out! Everything pretty much went according to my wishes and the whole experience couldn’t have been better. Jack was born a big 8 lbs, 14 oz, 19 ½ inches long.

I can't believe it's been a year already. We spent the morning at church and then came home and celebrated Easter and Jack's birthday with our family. Jack really had a great time digging into yet another birthday cake - chocolate this time - extra messy!

We're now embarking on the toddler years. Woah. I'm sure the next year will be full of discovery. Jack loves to walk around the house and just marvel at what he's doing. He really entertains himself with his new perspective on things. I love to just watch him explore and squeal with delight at new things he notices. He loves to study his world. I may not hear him for a couple of minutes and discover him looking out the back door, quite intently, at a bird or a squirrel. We can't wait to see what the future brings.

Jack, we thank God for you each and every day. You are such an amazing blessing in our lives and we can't imagine what we'd do without you. You are so funny and bright. Your hugs make early mornings extra sweet. Your giggles bring joy and energy to our home. What a gift you are. We love you to the absolute width and depth and breadth of the universe... and we'll never stop.

We love you Munchkin - Mama and Daddy

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Michelle Vaughn said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I can't believe it has been a fast! This made me cry! You have some awesome parents and GREAT aunts!