Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One week down...

Caroline is one week old today! We're actually adjusting to life as a family of four pretty well, thank God! We came home from the hospital on Wednesday and Jason had to go back to work on Friday (busy season, you know). Thankfully, Yaya and Gigi have been around to help out with chores and taking care of Jack some so I can focus on making sure I'm feeling well and on taking care of Caroline. And by the way, I'm feeling great! It's amazing how your body can bounce back after a wonderfully uncomplicated, mostly intervention-free birth (I'm still in awe of that whole experience).

Jack is adjusting to life as a big brother pretty well. He really likes to help by getting her blankets and is great at giving her hugs... we just have to remind him to be gentle and not LAY on top of her. Caroline sleeps a lot so that gives me and Jack some good one-on-one time together.

Today is my first day with the kiddos on my own and it's going pretty well. However, as soon as Caroline fell asleep for one of her many naps (after being awake for a couple of hours), Jack woke up early from his nap. SIGH. No nap for me today!

Please pray that everyone stays healthy and that things continue to go smoothly as we're getting used to our new little person in the house. Pray for peace, patience, and sleep! Also, since tax season's getting underway and Jason will be out of the house A LOT, pray that I will have endurance to handle both kiddos on my own 6 days a week.

Time for pics!
Snuggled up to Daddy in the slingStory time!Zzzzzzz...Caroline and DaddyMy sweet little Jack!Big Brother and Baby Sister

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Kim and Eric said...

Your mom sent me your blog site...I love it! Jack and Caroline are so precious! Hope that you are feeling great and adjusting to 2 kiddos. Hope to see you the next time I am at church with mom and dad. Love, Kim