Monday, January 19, 2009

He's such a big boy!

Jack said "bye bye" to diapers and is now using the potty full time! (except at night of course) I attempted to potty train in the summer before school started and it was two days of crying, wet underwear, puddles, and poop. Not fun. Jack just wasn't ready. Well, on Tuesday he decided he WAS ready and would do it on his own. Jason and I have had to do very little as far as "training" goes. Basically he just potties when he needs to and gets rewards for going. He's happy, I'm happy, and we're all having fun with it. I love to see how proud Jack is each time he goes potty. He even tells me that he's "growing up". Boy, does he have that right!

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Corin said...

Congrats! They always do it in their own time. What an accomplishment.