Friday, January 16, 2009

Just 'cause...

I snapped these pics yesterday after Caroline's morning nap. She wasn't interested in getting out of the crib so I took the opportunity to capture her sweetness. Jack decided to get in on the action too. I must add that I'm well aware of the lack of pants in these pictures. We're in the thick of potty training and it's easier for him to just get underwear off instead of pants AND underwear.
Wakey wakey!
Word.Peek-a-boo!So snuggly!
Look Ma, no pants!Hello, drool!My brown-eyed girl!Jack, showing off his treat for getting 5 stickers on his "Potty Chart". He was so excited and proud (really) as you can tell by his expression.

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therupps said...

Great pictures! You do have a sweet little girl there. And Jack, good luck on the potty training! You can do it!