Monday, April 26, 2010

Get to work!

Now that Jason's not hard at work at work (or as much as he was for the last few months) he's kicking it into high gear at home. While I taught an all-day childbirth class on Saturday, he spent the day with the kids at his parents house. They headed to the Plant Shed and Gigi and Pappaw hooked us up with some lovely plants to spruce up our backyard. Jason spent the afternoon yesterday getting them all in the ground. Jack even helped by digging some holes and planting most of the caladiums. It looks wonderful!
Jack's working hard! He needed a swing break!Abelias and caladiumsMuch prettier than the weed garden we had just a week ago!Gulfstream nandinasThey may not look like much now but they're going to grow fast in this bed with full sun!

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