Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Un-fearful Feelings

So, Jason and I were discussing the other night how much more enjoyable this pregnancy has been for us that previous pregnancies.

With my first pregnancy, I was 17 and terrified. Since we were placing the baby for adoption the entire pregnancy, though free of complications, was emotionally draining on us and our families.

When I was pregnant with Jack my pregnancy was wonderful physically. I'm one of those girls that actually enjoys being pregnant and giving birth (not to mention that it wasn't new to me) so that part was great and we were SO EXCITED to be having our first baby. However, as a first time mom I was terrified of the actual "mothering" aspect. Lots of "what-ifs" and "how-tos" are involved with your first child.

When we were expecting Caroline we were a bit more laid back having "been there, done that" before. However, I felt so much anxiety about sharing myself with another little person. How could I possibly have enough love for another child like I did for my son?! When she was born it was, of course, evident that there was plenty of me and my love to go around!

This time we're like, "we've got this!" Pregnancy is old hat to us and we feel confident in our parenting skills (usually). Our love for our little bean has already grown and grown and he/she is not even here yet. We're nothing but EXCITED this time. No fear! What a blessing to be able to celebrate this baby and our growing family!


Corin said...

I can really relate to this feeling. The third child (or fourth pregnancy, etc.) is SO different. When Davey and I were expecting Kaden (our third) it was so much more laid back. Just knowing you know what you're doing is a total stress reliever! And once the third one arrives, honestly, it's even better. Somehow each child you have just fits in quicker each time.

Ann said...

Oh I am going to long for this day. With 2-3 weeks to go in the 1st pregnancy I am totally flipping out. The "what-if's" and "how-to's" are all that consume my thoughts.

Annie said...

I agree! While I was so DONE with pregnancy, it was still very 'been there done that'. And now that he's here, it's even more laid back.

Btw, wow, I didn't know about your first pregnancy. I was impressed when I read that. What character and strength you had for a 17 year old girl! Amazing!