Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Baby!

 So did y'all know that I now have a toddler?!  Emmalyn turned one during my long blogging hiatus!  Can I just say that she is such a joy.  Happiest, sweetest, easiest baby ever.  Gah!  I just love her so much!  Happy birthday Emmalyn!

 photo 5c7956ab-e189-4d1a-bda5-7d318ce2047c.jpg
 photo 65d207b6-f993-4cba-af28-e29157e0ab4f.jpg
 We had a milk and cookies themed party.  It was so fun!
 photo f86ee730-0f91-4c01-a51e-0b551d4e5719.jpg
 photo ca4516b8-a840-4b7b-aab6-40dc6d14cbf0.jpg

 photo 323b4985-4df1-41d6-93be-9d02aadda3fe.jpg

I was baking for days and we sent TONS of cookies home with folks.  Yummy!
 photo 4c89f59a-f669-437c-830b-73a97dbf9247.jpg
Hmmmm... not sure about this.  Are you SURE I'm allowed to eat it?
 photo 390f0e3b-a564-4cca-a291-66abf0e4ff4d.jpg
 photo c6e518d2-1655-4ff0-832e-a825512477f0.jpg

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