Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little lunchtime excitement!

Jack and I headed over to my friend Amber's house for a lunch/playdate with my mom's group this morning. We (the moms) were in the kitchen finishing lunch and the kiddos were running around the house playing. Nothing too unusual. I noticed that all the kids had wandered back into the kitchen area and I didn't see Jack. Amber said she saw him playing in her son, Caden's room so I went back to check on him since he was being awfully quiet. When I got to the end of the hall the door was shut (not unusual since Jack thinks that ALL doors MUST be shut). I go to open it and... it wouldn't open! He'd shut the door and the knob was broken and we couldn't open it! Amber had to call the fire department and have them come out to open the door. Thankfully, there were lots of toys and Jack was occupied in there for about 20 minutes before they showed up. As soon as the door opened, he came running out holding a big ball over his head yelling "BALL!" so he obviously was not too upset by the whole ordeal. Exciting!

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