Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wear your baby!

So, I love to wear Caroline in a sling. I have several... a Peanut Shell pouch, a borrowed Hotsling pouch, and a Maya Wrap ring sling. I really like all of them but they all are one-shoulder carriers. Last week I decided I'd make my own wrap-style sling like the Moby Wrap, but for much less than they sell them online. I went to the fabric store and got some stretch cotton Jersey fabric (5.5 yards of 60 inch fabric) and cut it down into 3 strips and now have 3 wraps! It took me a while to figure out how to put it on correctly and how to get Caroline situated in it. I finally got it right today. I must say, I much prefer the comfort of the wrap to any of my one-shouldered slings. It's pretty much awesome.

I know it's hard to tell where the shirt ends and the wrap begins. Sorry about the black shirt... and the myspace-ish mirror pic.

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Nicole said...

That's awesome... now that you know how to do it, how long do you say it takes to put it on and get her comfy?

I might have to see about making one for myself... I have a hotslings wrap that I LOVE but like you said, it is only over one shoulder so even though I can do stuff while wearing it, it limits what I can do.