Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A day out with Jack

Last Sunday we left Caroline home with Yaya and had some special time with Jack. We headed out to Grapevine and spent a "Day Out With Thomas". We had so much fun exploring all the old train and locomotives as soon as we arrived. As we were walking towards the station, Jack finally spotted Thomas waiting for passengers to board and was so excited. Surprisingly, he wasn't too smiley. I think he was just taking it all in and was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. We got to ride the train which was just wonderful for little Jackie. They also had a model train section, similar to the Trains at Northpark display we saw around Christmas, which Jack loved. We finished the day with fajitas at Uncle Julio's and then headed back home for bath and bed. Jack's bedtime story that night... the 2008 Lionel Train Catalog that we got for free. He'll barely part with it.
On the way... he has not clue where we're going, just that we have a "special surprise" for him.Jack and the HUGE train that we parked next to. When he saw it he exclaimed, "WOAH! Look at that Mommy!"Mommy, Jack, and Locomotive 771Jack on the train, taking it all in.Peering out the window.Daddy and Jack in the little caboose.With Thomas!Inside Locomotive 771


Corin said...

Aw so much fun! It's so neccessary to get out with just one of your kiddos. My husband and I recently took out 3yro daughter out and left out 8mo son w/grandma. Spent the whole day at Disneyland, she was in HEAVEN. They really need that one on one time w/mom and dad every now and then.

Did you say this is in the grapevine? I would love to take our daughter.

Kippy said...

Yep Corin, but it's Grapevine, TEXAS. You can google "Day Out With Thomas" and see the schedule. It's a nationwide tour. They come to our area a couple of times a year.

Audrey said...

We went to this for the first time when Carson was 2. It was such a blast. Now we go every year the first weekend in Oct. It's a highlight of our year. FYI, now we just go and play with all of the trains and do the activities and skip the $40 train ride. It's still a blast!