Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My little man...

isn't so little anymore. Today is Jack's 3rd birthday and it's a bittersweet one for sure. He's not a baby anymore... he's a 3-year-old boy! My heart jumps with joy that he's growing and changing so much each day but at the same time I want to freeze him at this age forever. He's so sweet and wants to cuddle and snuggle with me (when he's not pouncing on me) and loves to give Eskimo kisses and smooches on the cheeks. I know he won't want to do that forever and I'm just cherishing it now. (Not that I want him to... can you imagine an 18-year-old man seeing his parents off with Eskimo kisses when they drop him off at college. Yeah, that'd be strange.)


We had a nice birthday breakfast with Daddy and waved him off to work. We did some playing with our new birthday car and reading new birthday books (just little gifts - the big gifts are coming out at the big party in a couple of weeks) and then I took Jack to school. I was a little sad dropping him off on his birthday. Of course, he doesn't know any different. I just hurts my heart a little to have him spend so much of his birthday away from me. We've never done that before. To end the day, this evening we'll have a birthday dinner; just Jack, Caroline, and me since Daddy's still working busy season hours.

Dear Jack,

What a fun third year we've had with you. I can hardly believe what a wonderful little boy you're growing to be. You are so much fun and see everything as an opportunity to play and learn. I love when you imitate me and Daddy. You love to get on the old keyboard and tell me you're "checking your e-mail" and you're great at pretending to be Daddy. You like to put on your blazer and a belt and tell me you're "going to work, just like Daddy". So cute! You ask me to sing songs for you all the time but won't sing them yourself, even though you know all the words. You like to read all kinds of books and listening to you recite them amazes me every time I hear it. I caught you the other day reading a book to Caroline and my heart just melted. You are such a wonderful brother and are really starting to look out for your little sister, even though you are often her worst enemy. You love to go to church and school and learn about God. You tell me often that "God made the animals, and the zoo, and the trains". In fact, we pray for trains nearly every night. Your newest thing is to tell me "I got you" and hug me as tight as you can, in the hopes that I'll say "No, I got you" right back. Well, Little Man, I got you. And I'm not letting go for a very long time.

Love always,


Michelle said...

That last line made me cry! Happy Birthday Jack!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Kippy- you are such a good mom! this gave me goosebumps...they just grow too fast!!...and who cares if he gets eskimo kisses in college Jaxson will be right there with him...ha!

Heather said...

Awww!! Happy late birthday Jack!

Love the post!